TVRadius Indoor Digital TV Antenna: Is it worth buying?

What is TVRadius?

Cable TV is supposed to provide entertainment but their lackluster customer service and skyrocketing rates are too frustrating to make the service worth keeping. Besides, you don’t need cable anyway. 80% of the channels they offer are aired for free. So, you can access quality entertainment without being crippled by monthly dues with TVRadius. It’s a powerful indoor antenna which can receive signals from 30 miles away. Equipped with a multi-directional and dual bandwidth receiver designed to capture a wide range of signal frequencies. That includes the very low channel broadcasts that cable providers don’t want you to find.

What is inside a TVRadius package?

TVRadius Indoor Digital TV Antenna Flat Digital Receiver

Flat Digital Receiver

TVRadius Indoor Digital TV Antenna High performance cable 2.4 meter long

High performance cable 2.4 meter long

TVRadius Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to understand and uncomplicated to install. It doesn’t require much assembly or regular updates. And if you do decide to stop using the antenna, you can just stop using it. You won’t get annoying offers to get more expensive plans.


  • The antenna feels lightweight which makes it easy to mount. However, there is concern about the durability of the antenna and how long it would last.

TVRadius Features


TVRadius is impressive not only because it has a 30-mile range. It’s also designed to pick up signals in very low and very high frequency.


Unlike cable TV, you won’t have to keep paying subscription fees with TVRadius. You can enjoy all the TV you want for free and without limits. Get affordable entertainment with TVRadius. Unlike with cable TV, you won’t be required to subscribe or pay recurring fees. You can enjoy all the TV you want for free and without limits.


The receiver is developed to be powerful but compact without sacrificing style. Comes in both black and white. You can mount it anywhere and it would blend seamlessly.

Latest Comments


Monique Rivers

It’s super easy to install tvradius. You can mount it anywhere because it doesn’t weigh much too. We were able to get a surprising amount of channels including major networks and HD broadcasts. Very great antenna. I highly recommend it.


Ellie Johnson

When I first received TVRadius I thought I was duped because it looked so basic. However when I started using it I was really impressed and I stand by it now. Definitely the best antenna I ever tried. I got all the channels I watch and I’m not missing satellite TV at all.


John Masters

I like tvradius because it has great reception quality and is very easy to use. It’s also lightweight and flat which makes it easy to hide at the back of my flat screen.


Heather Reyes

We don’t usually get a lot of TV signals where we’re at because we live quite far from big towers but I can’t fit cable TV into our budget. TVRadius seemed the more practical solution because it’s cheaper and you don’t have to pay every month. The delivery did take more than I expected but it worth the wait and worth every penny. It was easy to set up and instantly I got 30 or so channels. To be honest I was hoping to get at least 50 or so but the ones we got are great so I’m very happy.


Danny Thomas

Finally convinced my wife to cut the cord on our cable because the rates were getting ridiculous. I think it’s better to go online instead anyway. At least streaming services don’t cost much. The only thing is where we can watch the news. Getting an antenna was the ideal solution and we settled on TVRadius because it has a long range and doesn’t “clash” with the décor. Pleasantly surprised though because it’s got HD reception and we were able to get 27 channels. We’re even happier because we have one less thing to worry about every month.

Our Final Verdict on TVRadius

TVRadius is an affordable modern antenna that gives you quality but stress-free entertainment. Works instantly when connected to a TV screen. Receives as much as a hundred free channels. Maintains clear resolution even during bad weather. You can also get lifestyle channels, movie channels and so on. It’s a much better option than paying for a restrictive cable plan that’s just poking a hole at your wallet.

Keep in mind though that not all channels are available for free. HBO, Disney, Nickelodeon and alike do require a cable subscription or at least a special HD receiver to access their broadcast signals. Then again you can watch their shows on online streaming services and get your live TV shows with TVRadius antenna.



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