TVFix HD Indoor Antenna: Is it worth buying?

What is TVFix?

Don’t get ripped off by cable providers. Cut the cord and get TVFix antenna instead. Simple, lightweight, and powerful. TVFix is an advanced HDTV antenna that requires no assembly and works instantly. It can pick up channel signals within a 30-mile radius and from multiple directions. Hassle-free reception.

You can get 100 channels in both standard and HD broadcasts up to 1080p. All without having to pay for heavy monthly fees. It’s completely legal and without limits. Guaranteed to work for all screens and operational all over the world.

What is inside a TVFix package?

TVFix HD Indoor Antenna Sleek Modernized Antenna

Sleek Modernized Antenna

TVFix HD Indoor Antenna

Coaxial cable compatible to all TV screens

TVFix Pros and Cons

Gets a great number of channels in HD for no additional cost. Inexpensive and practical. Easy to set up. Works for all screen types. Overall a great antenna.

The cable is quite short and would need a coaxial receiver box in order to connect to a laptop or desktop computer.

TVFix Features


Designed with a modernized receiver that captures VHF and VLF signals from multiple directions. Supports full HD broadcasts. Made thin and lightweight for easy mounting.


An inexpensive antenna that grants you a lifetime of free access to popular TV channels in HD. No hidden charges of monthly fees required.


Compatible to all screen types and models. It works instantly with a TV screen. You can also use it to convert laptop and desktop monitors into TV.

Latest Comments


Regan Philips

My friends couldn’t believe that I no longer had cable when they came over. They were just surprised as I was at first when I tried out TVFix. There wasn’t much difference in the channels I got compared to my previous cable plan. As expected HBO was out but the sports channels were still there and in HD. The only downside to this is now they insist on watching the games at my house all the time.


Yasmine Cho

I’m really impressed with TVFix. It picked up nearly 60 channels on my first try. The picture quality was great and very clear. I also like that it’s small and weightless which makes it easy to mount on a wall.


Bart Henrick

I recently got rid of my cable and it was the best decision ever. TVFix gives me more than enough channels but more importantly allowed me more financial freedom because I don’t have to keep paying every month. I just wish I had made this decision earlier.


Patrick Fisher

Bought this for my parents. They refuse to pay for cable but their junk of an antenna isn’t working properly anymore. They live in a rural area and don’t get much channels and barely have decent reception. I got this for them instead and thought I’d have to install it for them. But apparently it was so easy to use that they did it all on their own. They’re both happy to report that they now have 40 plus channels including news and movies.


Emma Johnson

Super great antenna that’s easy to install and very cheap. I recommended it to all my friends and convinced 3 of them. We are now happy cord cutters!

Our Final Verdict on TVFix

TVFix is a simple but effective indoor antenna with an impressive multi-directional range. You can hook it up to any screen and start watching TV in no time. The HDTV receiver is small for easy storage and the coaxial cable comes with an adhesive sticker. Just pick a spot and pull the tab off to mount the antenna on a wall or window.

The number of channels however will depend on your location. The closer you are to cities with networks towers the more channels are available. For me, I received 12 channels in HD and 34 standard broadcasts which is more than what I usually get.

TVFix is a much better and cheaper option than cable TV. It grants a lifetime access to all the channels you want on a fixed rate. No monthly fees ever. So not only do you get live TV in HD, you also save more money.



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