What is Skylink Antenna

When cable TV has become to expensive but online streaming isn’t enough, what do you do? Get SkyLink TV Antenna. It’s a digital indoor antenna capable of receiving signals from all directions. It has a 30-mile range and can get access to as much as a hundred channels broadcasted for free. Designed to be sleek and portable for your convenience. The flat signal receiver is weightless and compact for easy storage. You can install it anywhere and even bring it with you when you move.

It’s a cheaper alternative to getting live TV programming. It comes with no contracts, no monthly bills, and no upgrade or installment fees. It doesn’t even require batteries or a power source. All you have to do is plug SkyLink Antenna to your TV screen and it instantly lets you access local channel broadcasts. No limits or expiration dates.

What is inside a Sky Link package?


Flat HDTV receiver


7 ft coaxial cable

SkyLink Antenna Pros and Cons

SkyLink Antenna is a very versatile antenna because it’s compatible not just with TV screens. You can plug it to a computer monitor, HD receiver box, and even a laptop. As long as you have a coaxial receiver, you can turn any screen into a TV. It’s also easy to set up and cheaper in the long run.

Channel plans are not included when you buy an antenna. What’s available will depend on where you live and what channels are broadcasted near you. You will only really know what you’ll get after you conduct a channel scan.

SkyLink Features


You can watch your favorite shows cable-free and in full HD. SkyLink Antenna was made to receive signals from all directions within 30 miles. It can support resolutions up to 1080p and gives you crystal clear image quality anytime.


You can say goodbye to monthly bills and HD channel charges because there’s none of that with SkyLink Antenna. It’s a one-time purchase antenna that can give you free access to all available channel broadcasts for life.


SkyLink Antenna can work with any set up you want. It’s compatible with old TV models, LED, and Smart TVs. You can also plug it to HD receiver boxes, computer monitors, and laptops. No upgrades or additional hardware required.

Latest Comments


Ira Garcia

Very happy with this antenna. It arrived earlier than expected and was in perfect condition. Worked well in getting TV channels. Very easy to connect. Great picture quality. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.


Patricia Jennings

SkyLink is an impressive antenna which works just as promised. About half of the channels I picked up were in full HD and I didn’t have to pay more for them. I don’t even have to pay every month which is a blessing because now I have more in savings. I’m much happier with this antenna than any cable plan I’ve subscribed to. It’s worth the try.


Timmy Chow

If you still can’t decide whether or not you should quit using cable, I suggest trying out skyline antenna and see how it works for you. It worked great for me. I was initially scared myself because I do watch a lot of TV but I couldn’t afford paying for cable anymore. So, I made the difficult decision of cancelling my subscription which was a whole other battle. Then I tried out SkyLink and it’s the best decision ever. SkyLink helped me almost the same number of channels for less the price.


Aaron Stone

Setting up is easy and getting local channels is easier. No pointing or tuning or assembly needed. SkyLink Antenna is ready to go out of the box. Works well enough and for the price point, not bad at all. 100% buy again.


Daphne Sanders

Whatever orientation or set up I do for my antenna, I’m able to receive channels which are better quality compared to when I had cable. I may not have gotten all the channels I want but then again I already subscribed to Hulu and I can just watch movies there. Then for live sports games I turn to SkyLink. It’s awesome.

Our Final Verdict on SkyLink

SkyLink TV Antenna is smaller than the other antennas I’ve tried. The cable is short and the signal receiver appears to be an ordinary piece of paper. But while it may not look impressive at first glance, I’m pleasantly surprised at how effective it is. It’s able to pick up a lot of channels and maintain good quality images throughout the day. In my case, I was able to pick up news, cooking as well as educational channels for my kids. All in great quality.

It’s a great option if you want a more reasonably priced alternative to cable TV. It costs less than the monthly rates for cable plans and you only have to pay once. There’s no monthly bills or extra charges for the channels in HD either which helps you save thousands in the long run.

The only downside to owning an antenna is that you can’t always be sure on channels are on. The list is not permanent and may change from time to time. It could be because there was something that disrupted the signal or there could have been a problem with the broadcast. I’m not really sure but it’s been a consistent issue no matter what antenna I use. In case it happens to you and you can’t find the usual channels you watch, don’t panic. Conducting another channel scan usually does the trick.



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